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SUN-Sational Sunglasses Sale!

Summer is just around the corner and we're finally seeing a few more days of sunshine! It's easy to remember sunscreen for your skin, but do you think about protecting your eyes from UV rays? Sun exposure can accelerate cataract growth, increase risk of macular degeneration, and cause tissue damage leading to dry eyes and redness. 


Here’s how it works:
  • All sunglass frames are 30% off

  • These can be purchased with or without prescription lenses

  • This sale cannot be combined with other discounts, but you may redeem any earned referral certificates


What if I have insurance?

Although we cannot combine discounts with insurance, you may still choose to use your insurance benefits on your everyday pair of glasses or contact lens supply. Then you can multiply your savings by taking advantage of our sale for your sunwear!


What’s the difference between your sunglasses and the cheap ones I see at the big box store?


Many sunglasses you buy off the rack at big box stores are not polarized and are merely tinted dark. Polarization is incredibly important when it comes to having the most comfortable vision possible when in the sun. Polarization reduces glare off surfaces, such as water, pavement, or your dashboard. Vision is crisper and clearer with the help of a polarized lens. 


A good pair of sunglasses also helps protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV rays are known to damage the lenses in our eyes when not blocked, leading to premature cataracts and increased risk of macular degeneration. Wearing sunglasses without added UV protection does more harm than good. Behind darkly tinted lenses, our pupils expand, trying to capture as much light as possible. UV rays, if not stopped with a UV filter, sail right through that tinted lens and into your eyes, causing damage. 

We work with optical labs that are considered leaders in our industry. If you choose to purchase prescription lenses from us you will receive the highest optical quality possible. From the lens designing process in store to the grinding and coating done in the lab, your lenses will be the best you’ve ever bought. 


Finally, by purchasing a pair of prescription or non-prescription sunglasses from us, you know that you are getting a quality pair of glasses. All of our frames are chosen by our expert opticians and are backed by our Advantage Warranty. The sunglasses we carry are all incredibly high quality so you can be assured that your frames will last you for years to come. 


How long does this sale last?

This sale ends on May 31, 2023 so don't delay!

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