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Back to School Eyewear

Nearsightedness is on the rise and more kids are needing glasses than ever before. You’re not alone if you’re a parent who was surprised to find out that your child needed glasses. Buying glasses for a child is a lot different than buying clothes or school supplies. We’re here to help you understand what eyewear features are available to ensure your little one has a pair of glasses that can help them see great and endure their active lifestyle.

Impact resistant lenses: We prescribe impact-resistant lenses to anyone under the age of 18. These lenses have a higher tensile strength than basic plastic, meaning they will not shatter under pressure or when struck. Impact-resistant lenses, made of polycarbonate or Trivex, are also thinner and lighter, making them an excellent choice for children’s glasses.

Transitions: Lenses that darken in the sun are a wonderful option for little ones. Many children will not take the time to remember a second pair of sunglasses, so having one built into their regular glasses is great. Sun protection, especially for children, is very important. We receive more exposure to ultraviolet rays in our first eighteen years than we do for the rest of our lives. UV radiation has been linked to melanoma, cataract development, macular degeneration, as well as other problems of the eye. Most of the damage that causes these diseases is done when we are carefree kids.

Non-glare treatments: We are strong believers that every single patient deserves the clearest, crispest vision possible. Non-glare treatments make that possible by reducing reflections off the surface of the lens, allowing more light to pass through the lens. The result is improved contrast sensitivity and clarity. Because of the harsh overhead lighting in schools and the increased computer work, we have found that choosing a non-glare treatment that also blocks some blue light can greatly reduce eyestrain for kids.

Digitally surfaced lenses: We no longer need to rely on the same technology Ben Franklin did when creating eyeglass lenses. Conventionally ground lens had limitations in accuracy and precision when matching a prescription. Now with digitally surfaced lenses, we can capture the true nature of the world around us--just like with HD channels on TV! Another type of digital lens is an anti-fatigue lens which helps the eyes to relax as they focus on digital devices like phones and tablets. For kids, looking at the smartboard or their Chromebook will be more comfortable, and their eyes will feel less tired.

Frames: If a child loves their frames, they are more likely to wear them. We offer a wide variety of frames to suit every child, and we encourage the child give their input when deciding on the fashion of the frame. We carry many different pediatric lines, from Miraflex and Dilli Dalli--which are almost indestructible--to name brands like Nickelodeon and Ray-Ban. Our expert opticians will ensure an excellent fit for your child’s glasses so they aren’t sliding down or falling off.

Children can benefit immensely from glasses customized for their age and activities. Our opticians will discuss with you what features would most benefit your child. And best of all, your investment in your child’s vision is covered under our Advantage Warranty--at no additional cost!

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