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Fun in the Sun ☀️😎

May is Healthy Vision Month! Keep your vision healthy by taking precautions now to protect and preserve your vision for the future.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, recent studies show that making healthy choices and getting regular eye exams can help reduce a person’s risk of vision loss.

Some of the best choices you can make include:

  • Eating a healthy diet

  • Not smoking

  • Being aware of family health history, especially related to vision problems or conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, which can manifest in the eye and deteriorate vision over time

  • Wearing protective eyewear during sports or work

  • Having consistent UV protection

With summer around the corner, one of the best ways to keep your vision healthy and protect your eyes is by wearing sunglasses! Did you know sun exposure can accelerate cataract growth, increase risk of macular degeneration, and cause tissue damage leading to dry eyes and redness?

Many sunglasses you find on racks at big box stores are merely tinted dark but not actually polarized. Polarization is incredibly important, and helps to reduce glare off surfaces, such as water, pavement, or your dashboard. Vision is more crisp and clear with the help of a polarized lens. These lenses are especially great for outdoor activities such as water sports.

We’ve got a special sale on sunglasses this month!

  • All sunglass frames are 30% off

  • These can be purchased with or without prescription lenses

  • This sale cannot be combined with other discounts, but you may redeem any earned referral certificates

Stop in and check out our selection today! This sale goes until May 31st.

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