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Introducing… the Optos Daytona!

Introducing… the Optos Daytona!

We have a new instrument to provide even better services to you and your family!

The Optos Daytona is a camera for retinal imaging that is designed to take a picture covering a larger area of the retina than was previously available with other technology. It was originally developed for children, but is now available for all ages!

The key to having and maintaining healthy eyes is early detection of potential problems. We are happy to announce that we are now offering optomap® imaging on every patient of all ages, in order to provide our patients with the greatest chance of earlier disease detection and treatment.

Why is a healthy retina important?

Your retina is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly. This means, in addition to eye conditions, signs of other diseases (for example, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes) can be seen in the retina. Early detection is essential so treatments can be administered.

An unhealthy retina cannot send clear signals to your brain which can result in impaired vision or blindness. Most retinal conditions and other diseases can be treated successfully with early detection. Without a comprehensive eye exam, you may not be aware of a potential problem. Many retinal conditions do not cause any symptoms or any pain, so you may not know anything is wrong unless your retina is examined.

It is especially important for children to receive a retinal examination. Many vision problems begin at an early age, so it is important for children to receive proper eye care. In addition to looking for changes in the front of your child’s eye, which could affect overall vision, we also need to look at the retina (the back of the eye), to check that it is healthy and doesn't show signs of damage or disease. Many conditions, such as retinal detachments and retinal holes can be treated successfully if caught early.

We perform optomap on patients of all ages because an exam of the retina is an integral part of a comprehensive eye exam, regardless of how well you see. A majority of eye problems arise without a patient’s knowledge and an optomap allows us to get an ultra-widefield view of your child's retina in a fast and comfortable way. The optomap provides us with an overview of approximately 82% of your child's retina in a single capture, giving us a more detailed view than can be achieved by other means.

Will the exam hurt?

The exam does not hurt - we simply use the Daytona machine to take a picture of the retina. The optomap image can be captured in less than ½ second per eye, and your doctor will be able to review results with you during your appointment. Additionally, you will be able to drive after the exam as it will NOT blur your vision or make you sensitive to light. However, if you are dilated in combination with optomap, we recommend that you do not drive for 1 – 2 hours.

We're excited to offer this exam, come in and give it a try! If you have any questions about the exam or the machine, check out our Instagram @brighteyesfv for more info or give us a call! We’re happy to answer any questions we can.



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