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Tips For a Fun and Safe 4th of July

It's almost 4th of July and if you’re like me, you’re gearing up to not only watch some impressive firework displays, but also ignite some yourself. Fireworks, though fun and super entertaining, are extremely dangerous. If you’re planning on shooting off some bottle rockets, writing your name with a sparkler, or lighting up some roman candles, keep reading for some safety tips!

Safety Tip #1: Do not aim any firework or explosive at people, animals, or flammable objects.

If you grew up in Hampshire or any other small farming community, you might be familiar with “roman candle tag”. This “game” is extremely dangerous and involves people, usually teenage to 25 year old boys, shooting roman candles at each other. It might go without saying to most of the population, but this is a bad idea. You should never, ever, shoot an explosive at any other person. Doing so could cause massive injury including bruising, broken bones, or you could even set their body on fire.

Safety Tip #2: Keep fireworks away from your eyes.

Whether it's one of those fancy pagoda’s that spin around or a sparkler, you need to keep all explosives away from your eyes. A single sparkler, for example, burns at 1200 degrees fahrenheit and can do some major damage if one of its “sparkles” gets into your eyes. You could suffer severe burns that at the very least will lead to some terrible pain. Sparklers accounted for 22% of all injuries in 2015 according to the Boston Globe, and are the most dangerous for children 10 and under. Stand at a safe distance from all fireworks, and make sure your not getting too up close and personal with your sparkler.

Safety Tip #3: Don’t ignite near dry grass or dead trees.

Simply put, if you ignite your fireworks near dry or dead foliage, you will start a fire. It only takes one small ember to create a massive blaze. If you don’t want to burn down your backyard, make sure you’ve given the trees and grass a good spray with the hose before your firework fun. Better yet, create a fire pit or patio area that is designed to stop flames from spreading.

Safety Tip #4: Don’t look directly into your fireworks.

If you need to keep a watch on something, little ones, pets, or even the fireworks themselves, do not look directly into the flash! They can be extremely bright and could cause temporary blindness that could make you miss an important moment. The display might be beautiful, but if you need to have your wits about you, make sure you don’t look directly at it. If you do, the only thing you’ll be seeing is stars for at least a couple of seconds.

Safety Tip #5: Let the professionals handle it.

This is the most important tip of all! When it comes to fireworks, there is no shame in purely being a spectator. If you’re worried about keeping your family safe, go watch a professional display. In our area, there are numerous firework displays happening. Here are a few to check out!

July 4th, Huntley: 9:30 P.M. at Deike Park - Lawnchairs and blankets welcome! Fireworks can be seen from anywhere in the park!

July 6th - 7th Pingree Grove: All Day at the Cambridge Lakes Baseball Complex -

Food, Shopping, Entertainment, Parade and a Firework Display at night.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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