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The Advantage Frame & Lens Warranty

Bright Eyes Family Vision would like to thank you. We realize there are many choices to make regarding your eye care and eyewear needs, and we are grateful you chose Bright Eyes Family Vision. Our aim is always to provide exceptional service which is why we offer our 1 year Advantage Warranty. We believe this is the best way to demonstrate our confidence in the quality of your prescription investment. The following policy is intended to clarify our warranty such that there is a complete understanding between our practice and our patients.

The Advantage Frame & Lens Warranty

Our Advantage Warranty is designed to cover manufacturer defects on frames and scratches from normal wear and tear on no-glare lenses. We will repair or replace the frame or lenses with a copayment of $35.00 each, one time for one year.

Accidental damage or additional replacements will be discounted 40% off retail price.

*The Fine Print: Guarantee may vary according to insurance, union, or vision care plan. Your guarantee does not cover loss, theft, or changing styles. In the event you need to utilize your guarantee, you must return your old lenses and or frames.

Changes in vision prescription are not warranty items. You are financially responsible for new lenses in the event a vision prescription change has occurred. We will only provide warranty replacement lenses in the prescription from which the original purchase was made.

Frame manufacturers routinely discontinue frame styles. In such event that your frame must be replaced in accordance with our warranty policy, all attempts will be made to provide you with the same frame style. If the frame is discontinued, a frame of similar value will be provided.

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