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Welcome to the New Patient Center for Bright Eyes Family Vision, where we do things differently! We understand that your time is precious and that you need an optometrist who is professional, yet convenient for your lifestyle. In order to make the transition to our office smoother for you, we have created a New Patient Center with everything you need to get started.

Dr. Pulsfus explains digital retinal imaging

In an effort to make you more comfortable when you arrive at our office and to streamline the new patient process, you will be able to complete all the necessary items prior to your first visit. At Bright Eyes Family Vision, we strive to make sure the time we spend with you during your visit is quality time.

Here's what to expect at your visit:

  • A comprehensive eye health examination and visual analysis will be performed to determine the state of your eyes and investigate any signs of disease or other eye health problems that may not have visible symptoms.

  • We strive to spend quality time with each and every patient, and proper communication ensures us this ability. If it is necessary to reschedule your reservation for any reason, please give us a call as soon as possible at 224-569-1001 and we would be happy to do this for you.

  • At Bright Eyes Family Vision, we are proud to announce the inclusion of the WellnessExam® with optomap widefield imaging as an integral part of your eye exam. This is a quick, non-invasive scan that allows the doctor to see both the surface and beneath the surface of your retina. This unique technology can help our doctors detect vision threatening and systemic diseases in their very early stages, when they are most treatable.

    • As part of your pre-exam testing, our technician will perform the WellnessExam® with optomap which your doctor will review with you during your examination today. The copay for these photos is $39 but the potential benefits of a sight-saving image are priceless!

    • Any questions you have about the Wellness exam or fundus photos and the results of the test can be discussed with the doctor during your examination. 

  • We have an excellent selection of eyewear frames, which includes some of the hottest name brands, from Kate Spade, Ray Ban, Michael Kors and many more. You are encouraged to arrive early to have one of our opticians help you select the right frames for you. We take into consideration the many aspects of your lifestyle when helping you choose your eyewear, and remember that all of our fine eyewear frames come with our exclusive Advantage Warranty.

  • If you are a contact lens wearer or are interested in wearing them, we will include a Corneal Evaluation along with your examination. The additional evaluation fee also includes diagnostic starter lenses, contact lens insertion and removal training and necessary follow-up care. We will thoroughly investigate the best contact lenses for you and your life-style. Please bring the current specifications (located on your contact lens boxes).

  • We ask that you please bring in all of the eyeglasses and sunglasses that you currently wear so the prescriptions can be verified. This will help your doctor determine how your eyes are changing.​

Other items of importance to bring are a list of current medications and current insurance cards. Because benefits sometimes change, if you are not 100% sure with how your insurance company currently works their coverage and co-payments, please utilize the following insurance information including websites and telephone numbers to become more familiar. Some insurance companies request that you contact them ahead of time to become pre-authorized, so please ensure this is done before your visit.

Here is a list of some insurance companies that we are currently providers for:

Vision Service Plan (VSP)            1-800-877-7195        

EyeMed                                         1-888-581-3648      

If your insurance company is not on our list, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed list of services that you can submit to your insurance company. Payment will be expected in full and your insurance company will reimburse you directly.

In order for us to provide the best possible office experience, please complete the online medical information form before your visit. This diagnostic information helps your doctor determine your specific needs and aids in developing your treatment plan and recommendations year after year. We also ask that you complete our office intake forms prior to your visit. 

Please plan on arriving approximately 10 minutes ahead of schedule, as there are tests that the staff will need to perform before your appointment time with the doctor. 

Once again, thank you for choosing Bright Eyes Family Vision for your eye care needs. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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