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At Bright Eyes Family Vision, your eye health, comfort, and vision are our primary concerns. Whether you want contacts to wear every day, for special occasions, for cosmetic reasons, or to get rid of those reading glasses, we can help! Dr. Pulsfus will talk with you about your vision needs and eye health so she can select the most comfortable and safest contact lens option for you.

The Fitting Process

We provide our contact lens patients with the very best in

contact lens care, comfort and vision. An additional fee is

required for the design and follow-up care for first time

wearers as well as for those who are changing the type of

contact lenses currently worn.

The additional fee includes:

  • Corneal tissue evaluation

  • Design of new contact lenses

  • Tear film analysis

  • First pair of planned replacement lenses

  • Training for insertion, removal and maintenance

  • Starting supply of solutions

  • Weekly evaluations to guarantee success

Buy 'Em Back Contact Lens Success Program

We’re so confident in our ability to successfully design contact lenses for your busy lifestyle that if ever you are not satisfied with the comfort or the clarity of your contact lenses, we’ll buy them back from you within a full 30 days from the date of purchase. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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