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9 Ways to Maximize Your Flex Dollars

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Have you had your eye on a new pair of designer frames? Or maybe you’ve been putting off getting a pair of prescription sunglasses. The end of the year is a great time to use your vision benefits and flex spending funds before they expire.


A flex spending account, or FSA, is an excellent way to save tax-free money for the year's medical expenses. Unlike a health savings account, or HSA, where the funds carry over from year to year, the funds in an FSA account may be lost if they are not used by the end of the year. Rather than lose these hard-earned funds, we can help you put them to good use. Don’t forget you can combine your vision plan benefits with your FSA to save you even more money!

  1. Eye Exams: The first place to start in using your FSA towards your eyecare is to make sure you’ve recently had an eye exam. We recommend annual exams to keep your prescriptions up to date, as well as make sure your eyes are staying healthy!

  2. Eyeglasses: New glasses are an obvious choice to help use up your vision benefits and flex dollars. Now is the time to think about getting rid of those scratched lenses, updating your frame style, or getting a backup pair of glasses.

  3. Prescription Sunglasses: The cooler weather approaching may not get you thinking about needing some shades for your peepers, but sunglasses provide year-round benefits. Not only are they the best way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, they also cut down on blinding glare from snow, wet roads, and the dashboard.

  4. Eye Drops: You may be able to use your FSA towards prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops to treat dry eyes and allergies. If you need a written prescription for reimbursement, just ask! We’re happy to help.

  5. Contacts: Don’t wait until you’re on your last pair of contacts to order more. Flex dollars can help you purchase an annual supply of contacts so you don’t have to worry about running out before your next exam.

  6. Contact Solution: If you haven’t been sold yet on the wonders of daily disposable contacts, you probably buy contact solution fairly often. This is a great way to use your FSA throughout the year or to use up that $20 you don’t know what to do with on December 31.

  7. Laser Eye Surgery: While insurance doesn’t cover elective eye surgery, your flex spending can help you afford the freedom from glasses you’ve been desiring.

  8. Computer Glasses: Just like you don’t use the same pair of shoes for everything, you can have glasses customized to your daily tasks. If you spend your day at a computer, consider trying computer lenses which ease eye (and neck) strain throughout the day.

  9. Co-payments and Deductibles: Don't forget to use your flex spending to cover your out of pocket expenses!

While prescription eyewear and vision care products are great ways to spend your flex spending, there are plenty of other non-vision ways to use your Flex Spending Account. Check with your accountant, HR professional, or FSA provider for a complete list.

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