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Health Conscious Holidays

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness month so we thought it would be the perfect time to touch on eye diseases that are associated with diabetes. You may be asking what diseases are there? Am I in danger of any? And how can I prevent them? Plus, we will be listing a few healthier alternatives to consider this holiday season to help support your wellness!

What Eye Diseases Are Related to Diabetes?

  • Diabetic Retinopathy is a condition affecting the blood vessels of the retina. Many times there is tissue damage and vision loss. The good news is that diabetic retinopathy can be treated most times. There can be severe cases, that even with treatment, can cause vision impairment. Annual eye exams can help detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy and prevent vision loss.

  • Cataracts are a clouding of the lens in the eye. The biggest complaint from those who have them are blurred vision and increased glare. Cataracts can be treated with surgery but diabetes will often slow the healing process or bring on cataracts earlier in life than others.

  • Glaucoma is a progressive disease affecting the optic nerve. Having diabetes almost doubles the chance of developing glaucoma. There is treatment for glaucoma but the sooner it is diagnosed, the better the outcome will be. Dr. Pulsfus performs three different tests for glaucoma during a comprehensive eye exam so everyone, diabetic or not, benefits from yearly testing.

How to Prevent Eye Diseases

First - always keep up with your eye exams. Here at Bright Eyes Family Vision, you will always be provided with the highest level of care. We offer everything from digital retinal screening to dilation, striving to ensure a thorough examination for our patients.

Second - Make sure if you have diabetes that you are monitoring your glucose and are keeping up with your primary care. Good medication compliance and dietary changes are essential for maintaining good control of your diabetes.

Third - Try some of these food alternatives this holiday season to maintain a healthy blood sugar level:

  • Skip the full-fat dips; Try yogurt dips instead

  • Pass on the candied yams; Dig into roasted sweet potatoes

  • Replace cranberry sauce...with cranberry relish

  • Skip the casserole; Eat fresh green beans

  • Pass on the eggnog; Enjoy a warm (or cold) cider

  • Replace pecan pie...with pumpkin pie

  • Instead of mashed potatoes...try mashed cauliflower

No matter what you eat this year during the holidays, remember to take care of yourself and call us today to schedule your comprehensive eye exam!

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