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Dare to be Independent

It’s a new year and for many, that marks a time for change. Whether it’s big or small, there is nothing like a change in self-expression. We understand getting a new pair of eyeglasses can be overwhelming with the amount of choices, but here at Bright Eyes we work with you to find the perfect frame for you. As a small business, we have access to independent brands you may not be able to find in chain locations. These frame lines offer premium quality and style without having to pay extra for a designer name. This month, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite brands we currently carry.

InD: InD is one of the newest brands in our office and we are excited to present these stylish and modest frames for the new year. Pronounced as “in-dee”, this brand represents independent eyewear roots. It is exclusive to small, independent practices so you know you’ll get a unique and bold look with InD, all while supporting local business. There are many options to choose from for both men and women, whether you’re going for a pop of color or an everyday look.

Eco: With a focus on sustainability and positive social impact, Eco Eyewear works together with various non-governmental organizations to support local communities through environmental efforts. They participate in beach cleanups and even plant a tree for every frame sold. Eco also uses repurposed and renewable material for its frames and packaging. It’s in the name! We also love this line because most frames even have a magnetic clip-on option available to easily switch to sun protection.

MODO: Simplicity and modernity are at the core of MODO frames. This is fashionable eyewear brought to life by the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. MODO Eyewear is also the parent company of Eco and leads in social impact efforts as well. Through their “Buy a Frame - Help a Child See” program, they have partnered with Seva Foundation to bring free vision screenings and teacher training to underserved communities in India. As we often say here, early detection and intervention is important and these essential services can bring a bright future to many.

Europa: Independence is central to Europa. Based in Vernon Hills, IL they recognize the integral role a small practice can play in the community and aim to support independent practices and independence for the eyeglasses wearers. Europa carries 10 diverse brands that provide styles of all kinds for all ages. You are sure to find the style for you without breaking the bank!

ProDesign: This brand is one of our hottest collections of frames for men and women and it comes as no surprise. Inspired by Danish culture, ProDesign’s collections are classic and functional. With over 40 years of experience, this collection continues to bring dynamic and groundbreaking frames. ProDesign inspires freedom of expression and individuality with its refined craftsmanship.

We have many more collections at the office so if you’re looking for a new look, stop by today and give a new style a try!

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