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Spooky, Scary, Safety 👻

Halloween is right around the corner! We want to make sure everyone is participating in the holiday cautiously so that the night remains fun for all 🎃

This means being cautious and conscious of all aspects of you and your family’s costumes to be sure no one gets hurt!

As you sort out your family's costumes, here are some commonly used costume accessories/props to avoid that can be dangerous:

Cosmetic contact lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses sold for Halloween are often sold illegally - they are required to be sold with a prescription, which most costume shops or corner stores forgo. This means that the lenses may not fit properly, may not be sterile, and can cause lasting damage to your eyes.

Contacts without a prescription can cause eye infection, sores, corneal abrasions and scratches, and even blindness. If colored contacts are an essential part to your costume, be sure to purchase them with a prescription. We trial and fit colored contact lenses in the office, so if this will enhance your costume and you want to avoid the dangers listed above, please schedule a contact lens fitting!

Face makeup kits

Halloween face makeup kits that are sold in stores are often not formulated or regulated for eye safety. Use special caution, and steer clear of using this makeup on your eyes if possible.

This makeup can easily lead to irritation and allergic reactions. Additionally, be sure to remove all makeup before heading to bed to prevent further irritation or dryness.

Props like swords, spears, wands

Have extra caution when it comes to young children and props - anything with a pointed tip can be dangerous. They may poke themselves or others in the eye with the prop. Remind your kids to keep the props away from their faces!

Accessories that obscure the eyes

Another smart safety tip for costumes is to avoid covering your child's eyes! Avoid masks, floppy hats, eye patches, or wigs that may obscure their vision, especially once it's very dark out and harder to see.

Keep trips and falls out of the question while trick-or-treating 🎃 Halloween is meant to be a fun night for the entire family, so don’t let an eye injury ruin your celebration!

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