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Introducing the Advantage Warranty

This month’s blog is about you, the consumer. Business experts exert a huge amount of effort trying to understand what motivates you to make a buying decision. Is it only based on the price? Does service matter anymore? Is it all about convenience? Well according to an article from Harvard Business Review, we as consumers just want an easy button. Turns out Staples® was on to something.

At Bright Eyes Family Vision, our focus has been, and will always be, on providing exceptional customer service. Regardless of how that impacts your purchasing decisions, we think you deserve the best care and experience when you’re in our office. But we hear you! You want that easy button. There’s enough other stress in your life. So, as a result, we’ve completely redesigned our eyewear warranty. What good is a 2-year warranty if it only covers manufacturer’s defects? What about when the dog eats your glasses? What about when your child comes home from school for the third time this year with broken glasses? (Seriously, there’s a magnetic pull between glasses and flying playground balls!) You want to know that if those glasses break, it’s not also going to break the bank.

Here’s how our new Advantage Warranty works: we gladly unconditionally guarantee our frames and no-glare lenses against breakage of any kind for any reason for a total of 12 months. We will repair or replace the frame or lenses with a simple $25.00 copayment. Some insurance plans actually provide your eyewear, and in those instances, we have to follow their warranty programs. But we will always let you know if your plan falls into this category at the time of your purchase! The only things the Advantage Warranty does not cover are loss or theft, and a change in prescription. In the event you need to utilize your guarantee, you must return your old lenses and/or frames.

It’s as easy as that. So next time you’re out there shopping, think ahead. Is this business going to take care of me when life happens? Yes, yes we will!


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