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Put Pink Eye In Its Place

We’ve been seeing an influx of pink eye cases this summer so we've put together some tips and tricks for keeping yourself from getting it or spreading it.

Prevent It

Always wash your hands

It is astonishing how simply making sure your hands are clean can positively affect your health! Washing your hands with soap and water after each trip to the bathroom, store, pool, or other public places can stop germs in their tracks! We develop infections when germs make their way into our noses, mouths, or eyes. Keep your hands clean if you want to stay healthy.

Wear swim goggles at the pool

A public pool can be a place for tons of fun. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. If you plan on playing in the water, make sure to wear swim goggles to protect your eyes from any nasties that might be in there! Most swim goggles create a tight seal around the eyes and minimize exposure to water and germs. After you’re done, make sure to wash all swim equipment in hot, soapy water to get rid of any residual germs.

Keep away from friends and family who have pink eye

If you know that Aunt Sarah’s kids have pink eye, maybe reconsider going to their play date. Pink eye is easily passed from child to child because hygiene isn't at the forefront of children's’ minds. To keep your kids safe, postpone seeing family or friends who have, or recently have had, pink eye.

Don’t Spread It

If you’ve got it, stay away from others.

Quarantine yourself and sanitize anything you touch. If you do pass your infection on to a family member, do not share any medications with them! Dosings and allergies may vary so check with your eye doctor first.

Don’t share towels

To keep from spreading pink eye, make sure that everyone has their own towel and washcloth for bathtime or pool time. Though it might be tempting to quickly wipe up some sticky hands with your own napkin, keep those personal too. Anything that’s used to wipe faces or hands should be one per person.

Make sure to sanitize toys

If your kids get stuck with conjunctivitis, make sure to sanitize their toys after they’ve finished playing with them. This is especially important if you have other children in the house. To keep from spreading germs, clean toys after they’ve been played with. Bedding should also be washed after your child is pink eye free!

A Final Note

Most pink eye cases are caused by viruses, despite the overwhelming number of antibiotics prescribed to treat them. Unfortunately, antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections. If you think you’ve got pink eye, make sure to make an appointment with Dr. Pulsfus! She can determine the underlying cause of your pink eyes to provide you with a treatment plan to get your eyes back to normal as quickly as possible.


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