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Transitioning to the Next Generation

Photochromic lenses, or lenses that darken in the sun, have been around for a long time. Although this technology is continually improving, many people still have negative associations with these lenses from their early days. Here we’ll explore the advantages, limitations, and exciting new advancements in these lenses.

Transitions™ Signature Generation 8

The latest game changer in photochromic lenses will be released this summer. We’re excited about the technology in these lenses which promises to address our biggest drawbacks of the current generation of Transitions™ lenses. These lenses will tint darker and up to 30% faster. The biggest win, however, will be the claim to fade back up to 3 minutes faster than the current technology. Generation 8 will initially come in the classic gray, brown, and graphite green colors. Of course these lenses will also be clear indoors and provide 100% UV protection.

Transitions™ Style Colors

We live in a colorful world and Transitions™ is not about to dull your experience with boring gray or brown lenses. You can now choose from a wider range of colors including sapphire, amethyst, emerald green, and amber. These beautiful tints are the current generation of Transitions™ but the anticipated release of these colors in generation 8 is next year.

Transitions™ Style Mirrors

Men and women alike have fallen in love with mirrored sunglasses. They look cool and have benefits such as reducing glare, improving comfort in bright conditions, and hiding your eyes for extra anonymity. Style mirrors come in many colors like silver, blue, red, pink, gold, and green.

Acuvue Oasys with Transitions™

The world has long been awaiting a contact lens that will darken in the sun without make you look like a zombie. This year we can finally experience that in a super comfortable 2 week replacement lens. This lens will be great for athletes who find sunglasses get in the way of their fast-paced activities. It offers UV protection (of the surface covered by the contact) and adapts to the amount of light present. While this contact is not designed to be a replacement for sunglasses, it’s a great way to keep your eyes more comfortable by regulating light levels throughout your day.

The next best thing since sliced bread?

Photochromic lenses are a great feature to have in your glasses but they may not be for everyone. Some may not fade back fast enough or darken enough in the car for your taste. Our opticians are here to talk you through the features of each type of lens to determine which is best for your lifestyle. Let us know if you suffer from light sensitivity, struggle with adapting to darker conditions, or drive a lot. We’ll be sure to help find a lens style that’s perfect for you.


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